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Host on Demand is a service for busy property owners with luxury, high end or upscale vacation rentals, second homes or property that remains vacant and unoccupied throughout all or part of the year. We service entire homes. We do not serve managing rooms, suites or properties where the owner or another stakeholder such as a long-term renter lives on site. The accommodations must be located in our service areas and fulfill the requirements we set forth for our short-term rentals including condition, regulatory compliance, equipment and furnishings. Everyone starts somewhere! If your property is currently falling short on areas that can be improved, we will work with you to meet the standard it’s capable of.

Although we offer additional ‘à la carte’ services and products to enhance your rental, our property management, hosting, cleaning and concierge service is an all-encompassing management solution. Managing these aspects together is the best way to guarantee quality and accuracy. By becoming familiar with all aspects of your property we are able to properly approach all issues that may arise during bookings and ensure the channels of communication remain clear. Please see our pricing page for what is included in our all-encompassing service and what is provided for additional ‘à la carte’ offerings.

Your property will be listed with the most popular travel websites with a reach of 363 MILLION+ monthly unique viewers worldwide. Our partners include Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and Expedia (and it’s expanded distribution network). We also can advertise with local classifieds during off seasons to ensure your rental property is exposed to as many reservation opportunities as possible.

Depends on the goals and the features of the home. Some owners prioritize having regular personal use of their vacation rental while others prioritize having their calendar booked with as little vacancy as possible. No matter what goal you have in mind with your property we are here to ensure your hosting remains hands off and hassle free and your rental income and/or booking rates are increased. Your rates are adjusted dynamically and according to criteria such as day of the week, season of the year, occupancy of neighbouring properties, historic successful rental rates and local events with the aim of achieving the most optimum pricing possible.

From the time you agree to have us manage your property we will enter into our set up process together which includes:

  1. Home Assessment for amenities, booking restrictions, and cleaning
  2. Rental Set-Up to ensure property is suitably furnished and equipped
  3. Initial Cleaning, Staging & Photography Prep
  4. Photography Session
  5. Listing, House Manual & Check In Guide Development
  6. Calendar Block & Owner Profile Set Up

The process can be expedited but is mainly dependent on the cooperation and scheduling of the property owner and the current state of the property. Ideally, we aim to have the set up completed within 2 weeks.

Your property rental fee depends on its size, how many it can sleep, furnishing and finishing, on site amenities, location, local neighbourhood amenities and demand. With our expertise, experience and industry calculation tools, we determine the ideal fee for your property.

Our pricing adjustment system is based on yield management strategies. Rental rates are updated daily according to the season, occupancy rates, local events and time leading up to prospective booking. With your input, we work together on the minimum rate you want to set for your property when we adjust prices. For example, strategies such as lowering rates in the off-season when you would not normally receive many bookings allows you to boost your property’s occupancy rate and are an example of an approach we can take based on our experience to ensure your property remains in demand and profitable

Managing multiple booking calendars, reservations and requests for information can be time-consuming and demanding, but not for us. We allow you to easily follow and manage your bookings with a simple phone app or computer cloud software. We put your guests at ease with a dedicated and efficient team available 24/7 to guests.

Host on Demand does not act as or add as a co-host. All listings will be newly created or transferred to our profile or we will take your existing listing on, under your name, if you are a Superhost/Premier Partner.

When selecting guests, we look at a variety of aspects such as past reviews and ratings (available to us on some platforms), intended use (discovered through Q&A), agreeance to adhere to prominently displayed house rules, and ability to provide self-identification and damage deposit for the stay. In addition to that we recommend a variety of security measures and insurance to our property owners that reduces risk in the event an incident were to occur.

Just like our name, we are Hosts on Demand for your guests! Our friendly ‘Hosts with the Most’ provide all the information your guests will need including check information, house manual, follow up after check-in to ensure everything is going great and even a reminder to leave your property with a glowing review! We become familiar with your property and are able to answer any questions or inquiries your guests may have. We are also available for emergency communication 24/7. All of our properties are set up with self-check in so guests will be able to conveniently access the property any time after a specified check time.

Host on Demand will have exclusive access to the rental property travel channel accounts but as an owner, you will be able to easily track your reservations and financial reports through our app or cloud-based software.

To ensure that your guests have an undisturbed and quality experience, unannounced/unscheduled guests such as property owners and maintenance workers should not access the property without notifying us to receive advance approval from your guests.

You can block any unblocked dates you want and access your home’s reservation calendar through our app and software. We are not able to cancel reservations already made by guests for any reason other than extenuating circumstances which must be supported by documentation to provide the travel channel.

The reimbursement amount granted to guests who cancel their reservation varies according to the cancellation policy chosen. Depending on your goals and type of property, different cancellation policies will apply to different types of travelers. Our goal is to match you with the best cancellation policy for your needs.

As there is a relatively high turnover in guests with shorter stays, furnishings and equipment may be subject to greater wear and tear. Vacation rentals can require a higher level of personal property maintenance, which can lead to some additional costs which are usually offset by an increased rental income compared to long term. Our clients see the value in short term rentals because they still have access to their property for personal use or monitoring throughout the year. 

We minimize risks by carefully screening our guests and offering recommendations for security, remote monitoring and insurance. Our cleaning staff are experienced in short term rental home inspection and check for damages. We have an efficient reporting relationship with them so any discrepancies can be managed immediately. We have staff that are able to conduct on site emergency visits and our company is partnered with experienced local contractors, maintenance workers and handymen.

Our specially selected cleaners are not only talented in the service they provide, but they are familiar with the additional attention required for a short-term rental as well. Our cleaning services include in post guest check out inspection and reporting, in home linen and turnover service, and restocking of consumable items. Our cleaners are insured professionals who we select with care.

Although it is a dynamic time for short-term rentals in some areas and markets our goal is to stay as informed as possible with local municipal regulations for each area we service. We do not take on properties in area’s prohibited to short-term rentals as well as we do not keep booking calendars open for over the prescribed percentage or days permitted as per the regulations. What we do is work with property owners to use different strategies for rentals in areas such as turning the home into a medium term or long-term rental once the day limit has been reached.

Additionally, some municipalities require a short-term rental tax to be collected and submitted which we have the ability to collect for your property as well.

Host on Demand strives to communicate all known applicable regulations to its best ability to property owners but as regulations are frequently changing it is the property owner’s ultimate responsibility to ensure they are complying with the applicable regulations for their property and paying any applicable taxes.

The travel channel the reservation is booked through will dictate the claim compensation process. In all reservations a damage deposit is collected, and the damage has to be reported after checkout within 48 hours. Useful evidence such as photos, receipts, reports, quote, estimates and other documents will be collected for submission to attest to any damages and fair market value of any goods. In some cases, the travel channel will communicate between both parties (host and guest) and once they have collected sufficient evidence it will assess the compensation claim. 

Although a rare occurrence we are experienced in the claims compensation process and do our utmost to establish the best case in the very short timelines provided by the travel channel. In addition to damage deposit, and some travel channel guarantee ‘insurance’ we recommend that all of our property owners have short-term rental insurance as well. There are only a few companies in Canada that offer this type of insurance and we have partnered with a company to offer the best rates for our clients. 

At the end of the claims dispute process the travel channel remains the sole judge for the claim so it is best to be as protected as possible. Host on Demand cannot be held responsible for any decision that occurs by a travel channel that may not fall in the property owner’s favour.

We use internal photographers that are familiar with the travel channel photo listing requirements and ideal marketing staging of your rental. We will also use external photographers (upon approval if listing is going under our profile). These measures make for a more attractive listing and a higher occupancy rate.

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