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Introducing Your Hosting Expert

Lacey wutzke

Hello! It’s very nice to meet you. My name is Lacey.

I have always loved to travel. About 10 years ago I began booking my vacations and work trips with travel sites such as Airbnb & VRBO instead of through hotels and never turned back.  Most hotels could never match the same comforts of home, unique experiences, attention to detail and personalized service.

A few years later I decided to also become a property host because I truly valued the experiences I had on many occasions and wanted to pass that onto others.  At the time I owned a 1 bedroom suite with spectacular views and planned to rent as a long term rental but figured, why not try it out? The idea of having access to my property throughout the year and potentially making more revenue was an attractive factor for me to take a chance and see.

When I started renting out my property it was my goal to meet or exceed my favourite accommodations around the world. As a busy working professional, I quickly realized there were a lot of moving pieces and it was difficult to find time for them all. Setting up the space and listing it as a competitive property, frequent guest communication, facilitating cleaning, stocking consumable products, and managing the booking calendars were just some of the tasks now added to my plate that consumed my time. Also, my ratings and property was at risk for a not being able to handle issues with my home and the guests in a timely manner while I was tied up at work and not able to be on call.

Have you ever wanted to rent your second home out as a short term rental but thought you were too busy to manage it and didn’t really know where to start?

I decided to hire a company to assist me and contacted some local property management companies . To my surprise they all turned me down because they did not serve the short term rental market.  I was out of luck. It was then I realized the service that I (and probably many other rental property owners) needed didn’t really exist

After that day I began managing my own rental as efficiently as possible so that I could start helping others do that too without them having to go through the trial and error of making costly mistakes with their own property or wasting time.

Once I had the proper resources and systems in place the results produced many satisfied guests raving about my property and leaving exceptional reviews along the way. I then decided to add more properties of my own. Soon I was awarded Airbnb Superhost and VRBO Premier Partner and my network began reaching out to see how they could do it too.

Next, I started hosting for other busy property owners. The property owners were satisfied because many of them were earning 2.5 – 3 times what they potentially could by renting long term with much more flexibility. Most of them did not want the hassle of hosting their own properties but appreciated the bigger financial return and ability to continue to use their rental when they wanted to. 

In 2017 Host on Demand a full service short term rental management and concierge agency was founded.

Host on Demand serves property owners of secondary homes that want their property to stand out in the short term vacation rental market but simply do not have the time or interest to manage it themselves.  It provides owners seeking a hands-off and hassle free way to earn more from their properties.

Feel free to get in touch with me and we can chat further about the goals you have for your property.


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